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Dell/3Com 10/100 Base-TX pcmcia network card

I am installing debian frozen (to be "upgraded" to unstable very soon) on
a friend's laptop. However, I have not gotten his network card to work. He
has a Dell... "Fast Ethernet 10/100 BASE-TX by 3Com", on the back it says
"Model 3CCFE575CT-D", looks more like a serial code than a model number,
but there is a serial number as well...

I plugged in my cheap Accton, and it works perfectly. Thus, everything is
spesified correctly, except the card. What must I look at? (Where is the
card type spesified?)

Hugo van der Merwe

ps. I have a small/simple suggestion for the boot-floppies, must I send a
wishlist bug report, or how is the best way of going about it?

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