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Re: Sony Vaio N505* vs Toshiba Portege 34*

On Thu, Jun 08, 2000 at 12:48:39PM +0100, Stephen Turner wrote:
> I'm thinking of getting an ultra-light laptop -- probably either a Sony Vaio
> or a Toshiba Portege. Of course the primary requirement is Debian
> compatibility. :) Anyone have any comments, good or bad, about Debian on
> either of these models, or a comparison between the two, or a suggestion for
> other machines I should look at, or any other useful information?

For the Toshiba, have a look at the following link for getting Debian

I couldn't find any info on running Debian on the Vaio's. I'm interested
however as  I have a Vaio Z505R (I'm here in the states) that I picked up with
Red Hat preinstalled. I'd like to switch the distro at some point (I
have put Debian on some of my older laptops and very much like it) but
haven't had the time, just yet. As far as the machine goes, it is a neat
little box. The only downside is the winmodem and usb floppy. I do
believe the Portege comes with a "real" modem so that could be one plus
for it over the Vaio. 

If you do go with the Vaio and get Debian up, please let me know.

Good luck,

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