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Re: PCMCIA oddities with 2.2.15 on TP 760ED

On Wed, Jun 07, 2000 at 05:45:07PM -0700, cls--colo spgs wrote:
> i had a heck of time with pcmcia when i upgraded slink
> to potato.  after serveral attempts on different
> lapboxes, i was successful.  (i said "no" to shutting
> down pcmcia card services during the potato install. 
> after everything was installed, i re-ran "pppconfig"
> and was surprised to find that the modem "moved" from
> /dev/ttyS0 to /dev/ttyS1, or something like that.   as
> long as it works, i don't care where it chooses to be.)

I checked that and the pppconfig remained at ttyS1.  Trouble is
that I suspect PCMCIA is assiging the modem to a port address and 
IRQ that don't exist on the machine, or rather it is trying to 
assign port 0x13f8, IRQ 5 to ttyS1 which is commonly 0x02f8,
IRQ 3.  Perhaps that is confusing pppd.

> anyway, what happens when you boot?  do you get two
> high beeps for the pcmcia, a hi-low beep sequence, or
> no beeps?  i re-ran potato's "pppconfig"  and let it
> probe the ttyS's when i had either the 2 high beeps but
> no dial-out or the hi-low beep sequence (and obviously,
> no dial-out).  

Two beeps, same pitch.  I get one beep when the card is ejected
and two beeps upon re-insertion.

> i wouldn't even have an anecdotal recommendation if
> there are no beeps.  (but, if i were to guess, i'd try
> a trusted older kernel, which for me is 2.0.36--yes,
> i'm running potato on it, for now.)

Firstly, I couldn't get the network card I want to use in the
docking station on 2.0.36 and I want to run Mozilla...

> hopefully, some others will chime in on this one.

A vexing problem with likely a stupid fix.

- Nate >>


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