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Re: XFree86, ATI Rage Mobility

On Wed, 7 Jun 2000, Hugo van der Merwe <hugo@mailroom.com> wrote:

>> > I have a laptop with an ATI Rage Mobility display card. 
>> I have a Gateway 9300 with 'ATI Technologies Inc 3D Rage P/M Mobility
>> AGP 2x (rev 64)' video card, and I do not observe the issues you
>> mention. I run X in 16-bit 1024x768 happily.
> Do you use the XF86_SVGA server (which gives me no problems), or the
> XF86_Mach64 server, which is supposed to be accelerated or something.

MF86_Mach64. It is accelerated and, aside from the occasional minor
drawing glitch, works rather nicely. 


>> Which version of XFree86 do you have installed?
>> [...]
> 3.3.6

Hrm. Same version as me.


>> These are caused by the XF86config file referring to modes that are
>> not defined or cannot be used with the current chipset. No need to
>> worry about them.
> I need lower res's for things like quake... <g>

Right. Um, good luck?  Seriously, once it works at 1024x768, you might
try working out a lower resolution modeline. I don't; I just run Quake
in a window, which works just fine for me. :)

> The thing that bugs me, is that it works fine when XF86Setup tests the
> configuration, allows me to take any lower res mode I selected, but as
> soon as I try startx as a normal user, the lower res modes become
> unavailable... they are defined in the config file.

Couldn't shed any light on that, sorry.

>> > I don't have a clue why. Should I attach my XF86Config file?
>> That might help, at least if you send it to me. Then I could tell you
>> if there are any *major* differences between your configuration and
>> mine...
> I'm sending it to you, thanks.

Well, there are a few. Specifically in the timings for the display. I
will send my own config directly to you - test it out and see if you get
1024x768 16bit yourself. That would be a start, anyway.


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