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Re: XF86 on C&T65555

Hi there

>Now, X boots up just fine and dandy, the problem arises when I attempt to
>use the mouse to access menus and click dialogue boxes. At default, the
>mouse seems to be off by a bit horizontally and vertically. I found an
>option for my chipset which signifies that "no_stretch" will occur and the
>mouse problem click location has been somewhat solved but only about half
>the screen will have the X-desktop (w background). This only becomes a
>problem when programs launch in the lower black part but are not visible
>because they are off the screen.
>Does anybody understand that ramble? Anyone have some similar experiences
>with similar hardware? Thanks for anyhelp one may give..

I have had similar things happen (with various laptops and graphics chipsets)
and it is likely to be because it is running in a lower-resolution mode than
the native resolution of the laptop display panel.  All that should be needed
is to set the video mode to that native resolution, and without the 
"no_stretch" option it should fill the screen and work fine.
You can do this using xf86config or any of the other XF86Config setup utils
(I've lost count how many there are  ;-)
You might even be able to just switch modes using Ctrl-Alt-keypad+/- and find
that the mode is already configured, and just not set as the default.

The only problem will be if the chipset is not getting detected correctly,
and the server is running in only 640x480 16 colours as generic vga mode..

Hope that helps,


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