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XF86 on C&T65555

Hello all,

I am a relative newcomer to XF86 and since it is on a laptop I have a
whole other set of things that can go wrong.

Currently the status is:

I have a Chips and Technology 65555 video card/adapter which is hooked
into a sweet 15 inch TFT monitor. It is part of my Microexpress
laptop. (which I am not terribly happy with currently due to a failing
pcmcia bus controller --- i think!) 

Now, X boots up just fine and dandy, the problem arises when I attempt to
use the mouse to access menus and click dialogue boxes. At default, the
mouse seems to be off by a bit horizontally and vertically. I found an
option for my chipset which signifies that "no_stretch" will occur and the
mouse problem click location has been somewhat solved but only about half
the screen will have the X-desktop (w background). This only becomes a
problem when programs launch in the lower black part but are not visible
because they are off the screen.

Does anybody understand that ramble? Anyone have some similar experiences
with similar hardware? Thanks for anyhelp one may give..


+   craig atkinson   +
+  www.freqwerks.com +
+   no soup for you! +

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