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Re: Debian on an IBM Thinkpad 570E


   I have an IBM Thinkpad 570E that I would like to install Debian
on.  I have tried installing 2.1 (from CD and floppy) and 2.2 (from
floppy) without success.  What happens is the following:

   I get the rescue disk "welcome screen" and I hit enter to boot.  It
does the

   Loading root.bin.........
   Loading linux.........

   Then the screen flickers and it reboots.

   What I would like to end up with is a dualboot linux/win2K.  Do I
have to go through the Win2K loader like with NT or can I use LILO
like with 95/98?

   -- Per.

Hmmm.  I installed Debian from floppies on my thinkpad 570 (model
26443AU, not the 570E).  I was able to get past that with both the
slink floppies and version 2.2.6 of the potato floppies.  It was
important NOT to specify floppy=thinkpad, but otherwise there wasn't a
problem.  I ended up installing potato because the pcmcia stuff worked
better, but that is much later than what you are doing.  There are a
number of hardware changes from the 570 to the 570E, but I can't
imagine it would matter to the point where you can't even boot.  Are
you sure that your floppies aren't messed up?

Walter Landry

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