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How to change the IPs for a given NIC permently ?

Dear All:

	I've decided to change my Linux box which IP address has been configured since the installation,
so far, I have to type the command " ifconfig eth0 192.168........" and then re-configured the routing table each
one of the network interface ( I still stay on the early stage, and dis-like to upgrade my kernels from 2.0.x
to 2.2.x ....) to make the new IP and new Gateway up to works.

	I'd like to know how to change the IP address without issue additional commands and remain
the new IPs ( even though rebooting the computer ).  There are some files have to be modified,.  As I
know, major distributions use different files from one to another to handle the configuration of IPs, so,
does anyone who know which files the "Debian" need to be modified,  so does the host name, domain name
and other related configuration?

	Further more, if I have two NICs on the same computer, is there something different then the
single NIC I have talked above?  

Note: I am using Debian 2.1 (which came with 2.0.36 kernel, I had re-complied it, but remain it kernel
           version ). 

						Thanks ! 
						Net Shu
						June 4, 2000

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