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Re: System lock-up while booting PCMCIA-Module

On Tue, Jun 06, 2000 at 15:36:20 +0100,
Oliver Schoenknecht <oschoenknecht@kapa.de> wrote:
> Unfortunately the system locks up when booting the PCMCIA-
> module and all I can do is a cold start... 

if "booting the PCMCIA module" means "inserting the PCMCIA module",
then i have the same problem on my sony vaio z505r running potato.

i was not able to do many tests, but i noticed that when the card is in
the slot at bootup, the machine did not lock up (i could not find out
wether the card was working or not, since it was not yet supported under
linux). the lockups also happened with every other card i tried (2 or 3
random ethernet cards of other people).

maybe the sysreq magic key should enabled be in the default kernel to get
some information about these things. or even kdb support from sgi.

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