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System lock-up while booting PCMCIA-Module

Hey everyone,

this is my first mail to this newsgroup and I hope someone can 
help ! I've got a new notebook and everything ran fine with (shame 
on me !) the senseless Windows! As I use Debian on my home 
workstation I made this step to my notebook as well.

Unfortunately the system locks up when booting the PCMCIA-
module and all I can do is a cold start... I figured out that I've got a 
Texas Instruments TI-12XX-cardbus controller and did also 
download and compile the latest PCMCIA-package (on Kernel 
2.2.15) but I didn't success at all. The strange thing is that the 
PCMCIA-services ran well under Windows but now I am quite 
irritated what to do - especially because the rest of the machine is 
running great...

Has anyone of you a hint on this problem ? Some people told me 
to disable the card bus in the BIOS but in my Phoenix BIOS I don't 
have this chance... as I've got a modem and an ethernet-card that I 
need in my company (well, at least the ethernet-card), this problem 
is really urgent ! Any help is appreciated very well ! Thanks in 
advance !

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