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hmmm tweaked too much

I'm forwarding this to all people I can think of who could help.  I'm
begging for help (any) to get rid of these problems, these are *all* the
problems I seem to be having.  Five problems may not seem much but the
consequences are BIG.  So I beg, please help.

I decided to install XFree86 4.0 on my laptop.  X now runs *very* quickly
and is very stable.  However there several two irritating problems:

(1)  Suspending is now *lethal*.  I never could suspend directly under
xfree86 3.3.6 without first going to the text console and suspending
there.  However now even if I do that upon resuming X shows the state of
it before I suspended but now with various black and yellow streaks down
the screen.  I have a Trident Cyber 9397 pci card in my laptop.  The only
way to get X to work is to kill it (<Ctrl>-<Alt>-<Backspace>) and reload
it. however the second problem involves a reboot all the time.  Upon
quitting X (or leaving it for a while) I get the error:

kernel: mtrr: no MTRR for fe400000,40000 found
kernel: mtrr: MTRR 1 not used
kernel: mtrr: reg 1 not used

this happens every time.

(2)  The computer now runs at about 1/6 the speed after the resume and the
"beeping" it makes is now also reduced to about 1/6 the original
speed.  So beeping errors under the console last ages.  I upgraded from
2.2.14 to 2.2.15 to see if that helped but no.  The laptop becomes very
unstable and sometimes I get kernel panics and things don't really
run.  Hence why I need a reset.  I'm sure (somehow) that X is responsible
as as soon as it was installed everything started going haywire.  with
3.3.6 all was okay (except one or two things, see later).

(3)  Transparent icons and text do not work.  This is damn irritating
mainly as wmpinboard has the most nasty yellow background I have ever
seen.  Any ideas on how to fix this?  This is more a cosmetic touch but
would be nice to fix as its probably very easy too.  I've searched the X
source and documentation and been unable to find anything useful.  In deja
the DPMS (???) has been linked to the lack of transparent icons under X
4.0 as KDE apparently reports this.

Now some problems that I was having before

(4)  Upon using sound (a Crystal CS4236) my entire keyboard mangles
behaving as if I am
holding down <Ctrl> all the time.  This I can not get around and under the
text console (all of them) the scroll lock key it on.  However this
doesn't freeze the console but instead when you press it you get a SysRq
style "showTasks" appear.  This doesn't disappear and contiued pressing of
scroll lock repeat the showTasks command.  I don't know why this happens
however it happens 2 out of 3 times when using sound.  The oly way to get
rid of this is a reboot.  On boot up the sound driver does report that

ad1848: Interupt test failed (IRQ9)

this may be related but sound still works (but only on IRQ 9).  My Win95
sound settings also use my setting for linux.  dma=1, dma2=0, io=0x530,

(5)  Flipping from the text console to the graphics console (X) sometimes
screws up the screen and crashes the kernel.  The screen looks like its
"burning in".  However I haven't experienced this problem with X
4.0.  This problem also occurs when I try to use graphics under the text
console, regardless of my version of X.

Please I beg help as now my laptop is iffy at best.  Some of these
problems I reported before and I NEVER got ANY help.


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