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RE: Laptop installation (was Re: Hi)

ahhh ok, I got ya, well thats what ill do..

Now quick Question, i have a EXTERNAL cd-rom drive, its Parrellel port, whne
i use it in windows, it uses Adaptec Drivers, with all External parrellel
port drives or Interanl add On IDE cards, it shows up under SCSI devices,
now, woudl i be able to install via this?

Tim Brown

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On Tue, May 02, 2000 at 09:21:43PM -0400, Tim Brown wrote:
> Im doing it via CD, now what is htis potato ihere everyone talkin about
> (Forgive me, im new to debian, ive had some experiance with RH systems,
> once i upgraded my Desktop, half the hardware was a bitch and wouldnt work
> with RH, so i said foret it, i was gona get a laptop n e way!)

potato is the next version of Debian (so it's Debian 2.2, where slink is
Debian 2.1).  It's currently going through the final bug checks, and hopeful
will be officially released soon.

But it's effectively completely stable already.  The bugs that have been
holding it up certainly don't apply universally to everyone.  One the
troublesome parts was the installation bootdisks, I believe, but you can get
around that problem by first installing slink from CD, and then upgrading to
potato over the net.  Like Brendan said, apt makes upgrading relatively


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