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Kachina Tech - Portare Laptops?

I've been using Debian on desktops for quite a while, but laptops are
new territory for me. I'm considering getting one, and came across this
web site which sells Portare laptops with Debian (slink, potato, or
Corel) installed.


It's not that I really need to buy a machine with Debian pre-installed,
but I'm considering it for a few reasons:

1) Known hardware compatibility with Linux
2) Linux-aware tech support available if needed
3) I like the idea of supporting vendors who do this

Does anyone on the list have any experience with Kachina Technologies
and/or the Portare laptop systems that they're selling? If so, I'd
appreciate any opinions or comments you have on them. The site looks
reputable, but I'm not familiar with them. 

Recommendations of other laptops/vendors are welcome also.


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