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zenith Z-note 425-Ln (low memory problems)

Hi all. I am trying to install debian slink on the above
laptop. But this work the way I want it to. thsi laptop has
got 4 Mb RAM, this should be sufficient. As I learned from
the laptop mailing list archive there is a problem with
activating the swap partition when you use the lowmem
install floppy. One should go to another console and
activate the swap partition. But I cannot switch to another
console so that is kind of a problem. When I just proceed
with the installation menu and activate step 4, which is
exit I get the following message:

libc.so.6: invalid ELF header
-/bin/sh: error in loading shared libraries

What can/should I do? Is there a possible solution? My
lowmem.bin is from slinkr5, the root.bin from the rescue
disk is from slinkr2. However, when I used the slinkr2
lowmem.bin the error was the same one. 

I would like any suggestion to get linux running on this
laptop but I definitely prefer debian. 



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