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Potato install: pcmcia broken?

Boy, I sure do pick loser subject lines! (was: Order of installation -
 potato/pcmcia.) Second try:

Hi gang!

What am I doing wrong? I copied linux, install.bat, base2_2.tgz, 
driver2_2.tgz, loadlin.exe etc. etc. to a DOS partition on my Toshiba 
4080 XCDT, then booted from a DOS floppy and ran install.bat.

The installation looks great (congratulations, team!) up to "reboot 
the system": the boot hangs in /etc/init.d/pcmcia, right after it 
echoes "modules" to the screen. The pcmcia modules all show 
unresolved symbols. Don't they fit the 2.2.14 kernel that comes with 
the installation? Is something broken, or is there an operator error 

(I can Alt+Ctrl+F2 out of the dbootstrap routine and disable the 
init.d/pcmcia script before rebooting, but then what--go to dpkg and 
install kernel and pcmcia module sources and recompile before 
finishing the installation? That can't be the intended behavior.)


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