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Re: Frozen distribution

On Thu, Mar 16, 2000 at 02:24:56PM -0500, Bryan Kim wrote:
> With the frozen distribution, netscape communicator 4.7 dies with a bus
>error. Does anyone know how to resolve this? 

There were some bug reports about this.  Having plugger installed at the
same time was causing the problem at one point.  Most likely using 4.72
instead of 4.7 is your beest solution.

> On upgrading the kernel on my laptop, I usually do 'make-kpkg' kernel
>installations. If I upgrade to 2.2.14, would installing the standard debian
>pcmcia package for that kernel version work, or should I compile from
>source? The source is easy enough, But I want debian to keep track of those

pcmcia needs to be recompiled specifically for each kernel compilation.
This means if you use the standard potato 2.2.14, you can use standard
potato pcmcia, since they were compiled together.  If you're compiling
2.2.14 for yourself, you'll need to recompile pcmcia for yourself too.


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