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Re: Mounting PCMCIA Compact Flash Card

On Sun, Mar 05, 2000 at 02:35:31PM -0500, emeulen@altavista.net wrote:
> I would like to be able to read/write my CF Card which stores photos
> from a digital camera.
> I have a CF -> PCMCIA adapter, and my card is dentified by the system.

CompactFlash is compatible with ATA, also known as IDE. They're not the 
same as PCMCIA Flash cards. Your CF card will show up like an IDE hard 
disk, usually /dev/hdc, and is normally used with just one partition 
with an MS-DOS file system on it. Depending on your camera, the pictures 
are probably .jpg files stored in some directory on the card. The easy way 
to get it mounted for you is to edit /etc/pcmcia/ide.opts to give it a 
mount point, perhaps with OPTS="uid=1000" or something similar to get the 
files writable by a certain user. Bear in mind that you should unmount 
the CF card, or at least run sync(1), before ejecting it. 

To sum it up, it's really a lot less tricky than the old FTL cards, and 
I'm sure you'll be satisfied with the result. I have myself used two CF 
cards to transfer data between two different cameras, a TRGpro, and my 
Palmax laptop - the only problem I had was that one CF card was a bit slow, 
and took a few retries before it would be detected. Feel free to ask again
if I'm just confusing matters :)

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