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Re: XF86Config for TP 760EL?

> Hello.
> Does anyone have a working XF86Config for the Thinkpad 760EL laptop?
> This unit uses the Trident Cyber 9320 chipset with 1 MB of VRAM.  I
> found two files, but they are quite dated.  I am using Debian 2.1r4
> and XFree 3.3.2.  I'm doing this for a friend as he wants to try Linux.
> Thanks all!
> - Nate >>

It doesn't matter how old they are as long as they have the Horizontal Sync
and Vertical Refresh right.  You can graft those values easily into a newer
control file.

The chipset will drive which server you select, and (maybe; you don't usually
have to tell it anything special for these) dot clocks.

Make sure you have lots and lots of modelines, and the server should try to 
pick the best one that Hsync and Vrefresh will let it get away with.

* Heather

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