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Re: thinkpad 560 suspend

> How do I get suspend to work on a ThinkPad 560 in Linux?  Perhaps I did not
> set it in the kernel, I'm not sure.  It will turn off when I give the command
> 'shutdown -h 0' so I don't have to use the switch to turn it off.
> --
> Andrew

An important fact of Thinkpad life is that its hibernate space has to live on
a FAT filesystem.  If you wipe out all vestige of FAT, you lose the ability
to hibernate...  not sure it's supposed to harm suspend.

I had heard of someone working on having soft hibernate into swap space, to 
give non-APM systems the ability to suspend.  Anyone know anything about what
happened to that?

-* Heather Stern * Starshine Technical Services * star@starshine.org *-

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