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Re: loss of display when closing screen

> I run debian mostly 2.0 with kernel 2.2.13, xserver-neomagic 1.1.0-1-1 on a
> Gateway solo 2500.
> Runs just great except:
> 1.	When i close the display and open it again, then i only get a white
> 	screen. The only way to get the screen back is C-A-BS and new login.
> 	I van avoid it by switching to console 1 by C-A-F1 before closing and
> 	switching back after open.
> 2.	When i leave the machine unattended line-powered get a errormessage:
> 	"Nov 19 19:53:11 matthschulzg kernel: apm_bios: set
> 				display standby: Unable to enter requested state"  
> Any ideas?
> Matth

I haven't played with this model, but see if its BIOS has a setting for what
the monitor is supposed to do on suspend.  Maybe it's being ordered not to,
or something.  I suspect that the server is giving it a bad command in that
regard, however.

It should be pretty easy to have a button on your desk issue 
	openvt -s -w -- apm -s

That'd be: open an available vt, (-s) switch to it, run "apm -s"
which is of course, asking to suspend the system.  As it is (-w) waiting for
the return, but shouldn't see the return until you resume, my theory is this
would bring you back to X right away.

I'm not entirely sure the fresh vt would get dealloc'd, but if it's willing to
reuse the same one, I wouldn't care.

I don't have the problem you describe, so I hadn't thought to whip up something
like this before;  let me know if it works for you.

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