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Re: BUG?! no pcmcia ethernet on battery power

> to digress even further, does anyone know how to get fsck to postpone
> running until next boot?  what happens to me is that i'll be in a hurry
> to get at some of the data on my laptop, so i'll turn it on, but
> while booting, i'll be unlucky enough to get stuck waiting for
> fsck to check one of my partitions.  i have no problems w/ running fsck,
> but i'd rather be able to postpone it until i have more time ;-)

shaleh> once it is fsck'ing, all is over.  You could however use
shaleh> tunefs to make fsck run less often.  

if you think about it for a bit, this doesn't really help because
unless i check to see what the mount count is before every shutdown
(and if necessary run tunefs before shutting down to change the mount
count), i will encounter the same type of situation.  

it might be true that it will occur less often, but that also
increases the risk to the integrity of my data (though i don't know
how much) because fsck is being run less often.

i don't mind running fsck -- it's just that sometimes it would be nice
to be able to delay it until later.

shaleh> Or consider switching to a journaling fs.

seems a bit extreme to switch to another filesystem just for this ;-)

thanks for your thoughts.

i wonder if there is some fundamental problem w/ patching fsck to have
an option to ask the user for confirmation before fsck-ing...actually,
what program checks the mount count?  is it something other than fsck?

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