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Re: BUG?! no pcmcia ethernet on battery power

star> The shutdown man page says if you use -f it will skip fsck on
star> the reboot.  Whether that works when you've halted it, I
star> dunno.... and I haven't tested that, the man page was at my
star> workstation which isn't debian, it's SuSE.

hmmm, that's an interesting option.  but the problem for me is that
it's not that i don't want to run fsck at all -- and i don't know
whether i will want to run it until i start the machine up.  as i
mentioned in an earlier message, i have no problem w/ running fsck,
it's just that sometimes i'd like to skip it.

star> Still, if the debian shutdown doesn't have this feature, it
star> should.  

the man page is suggestive that it does.

star> If this is how you normally handle your system though,
star> occasionally shutting down with -F (force fsck) would be wise;
star> you don't want drive corruption.

i don't think this is how i want to handle it.  i really think that it
should be possible for the system to be configured so that at
boot time the user should be able to choose whether to skip fsck-ing.

thanks for your thoughts!

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