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Re: Help setting up sound on IBM Thinkpad 560X

Hi Pedro I. Sanchez; unless Mutt is confused, you wrote:
> I finally managed to install Potato in my think pad. However I haven't
> managed to install sound (ALSA).
> How do you figure out all the required parameters (IRQ's, I/Os, etc.)? 
> In other PCs I rely on pnpdump to give me hints on these values but in
> the 560X it can't find any pnp card at all.
> Does anybody have details available?
> thank you,
> -- 
> Pedro

If you still have win of some description on your machine look up in
there for the values. Also, I found IBM's site very informative (they
had a page in Support someplace showing the list of all system resources
indicating the defaults and such for my 380XD).

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