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getting an irq exluded from pcmcia use.


the serial port on my xircom realport has started using irq 4 which happens
to be the same irq that my main serial port users.  since i use my serial
port to sync my pilot it's a little frustrating to have to unload my pcmcia
drivers in order for my serial port to work.

i have this line in my /etc/pcmcia/config.opts file:

exclude irq 4

but according to /var/run/stab (and that it still doesn't work) my pcmcia
serial drivers still use irq 4:

heyzeus(larry)$ cat /var/run/stab 
Socket 0: empty
Socket 1: Xircom CEM56 Ethernet/Modem
1       network xirc2ps_cs      0       eth0
1       serial  serial_cs       0       ttyS3   4       67

does any one have any ideas what else to try?

also if i want to exclude multiple irq's does anyone know the correct

is it:

exclude irq 4, irq 7


exclude irq 4
exclude irq 7


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