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Re: IBM Thinkpad 560X

"Pedro I.Sanchez" <pedro.i.sanchez@altavista.net> writes:

> I got a hold on the abovc portable and want to install the current
> frozen there.  I can't find any boot disks (tectra or something like
> that) for portables though. 

Frozen (potato) boot floppies don't seem to need a separate tecra
image.  The default rescue/install disk should work fine.  I had to
use tecra when I installed stable (slink) on my 600E, but not when I
installed potato on a colleague's 600X today.  And potato installed
like charm.

> Can anyone give me a hand on getting started with this portable?
> I've installed Debian several times before but this is the first
> time I have access to a portable.

Using frozen makes a *huge* difference.  Installing slink on a
thinkpad was hard; installing potato was almost as easy as on a
desktop system.  There are still some minor glitches in the frozen
boot-floppies, but overall, it was still a huge improvement.

Sound may be an issue though -- I haven't got sound working on either
machine yet, though I confess I haven't tried very hard.

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