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Suggestion for the laptop-package-project

Hi Laptoppers.
John Miskinis on debian-user wrote this, and made me think: hey, this must
be something to implement in a laptop-package, in order to make it easier
for laptop-newbies to install, since it seems that laptops are generally a
lot croakier about the setup than desktops...

	I think a program that could run under Win95/98 or even DOS, that
	would gather information about the hardware in a machine, and
	generate a file that linux could take advantage of during
	would be of great value.  Perhaps one exists, but I am not aware.

I sure would have loved to have had this kind of utility with (some) of the
installs I've done! (including a Compaq Desktop with a really weird
vga-adapter and a IBM TP365).
I would have loved to do this myself, but I'm just getting started on C...
Best Regards

(By the way; disregard my signature, it was put there in a very sarcastic
mood, on one of those days when the crappy NT-lan at work was down for the
5th time in a month...)

Let's get back from la-la-land here, 'cause this ain't gonna happen

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