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Re: Xircom RealPort modem(/eth) not working

>What is "cardbus" / How do I tell whether I have cardbus?  Is this a
>property of the Laptop, or the Xircom card, or both?
Ok I hope this is a understandable explanation.

Cardbus is a newer standard that incorporates PCMCIA so that it can be
backwards compatable. Cardbus Sockets can take both PCMICA and Cardbus
cards. However Cardbus cards won't fit in a PCMCIA socket. On the card side
of the standard Cardbus are 32-bit cards that run at 3.3v while PCMCIA is
16bit and 5v.

The easiest way to tell the difference between the cards (I know this is the
case for Xircom cards not sure about other brands):

PCMCIA: Flat silver strip on top of card.
Cardbus: Bronze strip with little raised bumps on top of the card.


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