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Re: apm && battery time

I think that the apm in the kernel query the BIOS (I think the
apm is an extension on the normal BIOS) that returns all the information
about expected life time of the battery.

So, if it is not working, either the BIOS doens't know how long the
battery will last (and maybe recalibrate the battery will help) or
something is wrong with the BIOS you have. Depending on which machine you
have, you can use some of the options in the kernel to workaround the
problems: you can read the help at configure time or read the apm source

On my current laptop I've never got the expected life time to work, only
the percentage left. For the old one I needed to patch the apm stuff in
the kernel just to get the current percentage of available power.


On Sun, Sep 26, 1999 at 08:19:22PM -0700, Chris HOOVER wrote:
>  I was wondering how I can get apmd to recognize how
>  long I have left on my battery.  Do I need to do a
>  complete run down of the battery?  Also, is there an
>  apm HOWTO anywhere?  I looked at the ldp site but
>  did not see one.
>  Thanks,
>  chris
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