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Re: Xircom RealPort modem(/eth) not working

> I've recently installed Debian on a Toshiba Tecra 8000.  I'm trying to
> get a Xircom RealPort Ethernet + Modem card working.

they are great :)

> I've compiled my own kernel (2.0.36) along with my own pcmcia modules
> package.  I notice that "hot swap" doesn't seem to work.  That is,
> when I push the card in or take the card out, the kernel doesn't seem
> to recognise that anything has changed.

i haven't used mine under the 2.0 kernels (only 2.2) but i believe that they
are still supported just fine.  a couple things to be aware of though:

 * if you're pcmcia slots are cardbus you need a fairly recent (more recent
   then is in slink/stabe i believe) pcmcia-cs package in order to be able
   to use it.  either upgrade to potato/unstable or compile you own (but
   make sure it's a current version).

 * some of the realports are cardbus cards and some are just pcmcia cards.
   my pcmcia one works great, but my friends cardbus one doesn't.  he "used
   the source" to get his working but i don't know if they are officially 
   supported yet or not.  if yours is a cardbus make sure you have the most
   recent version and check the supported cards list.

> But fortunately running "/etc/init.d/pcmcia restart" seems to cause the
> card to be recognised.  I then have tried to use the modem.  When I use
> pon, plog waits for expect (OK) but never gets it!  I thought it was
> because maybe /dev/ttyS0 was the wrong serial port, but no, even when I
> change it to /dev/ttyS1 it doesn't work.

you can find out which tty your modem is on by:

heyzeus(larry)$ cat /var/run/stab 
Socket 0: empty
Socket 1: Xircom CEM56 Ethernet/Modem
1       network xirc2ps_cs      0       eth0
1       serial  serial_cs       0       ttyS3   4       67

> Curious.  Perhaps I should be using /dev/ttyS3????

i would think so.  remember that you can exclude certain irq's from being
assinged by the pcmcia drivers by putting lines into /etc/pcmcia/config.opts
like this:

exclude irq 4

hope that helps,


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