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Re: laptop "metapackage"

On Sun, Sep 26, 1999 at 12:34:48AM -0800, Adam Shand wrote:
> this is getting a little off topic but ...
> > UUCP isnt complicated. It is completely straigforward and the correct
> > solution to multiple-user offline email, which ETRN is NOT an solution.
> i disagree, i think it is. :-)  i have yet to meet someone who isn't already
> quite technical that has sucessfully setup a uucp connection without
> significant help. especially since uucp over tcp accounts are even harder to
> find then normal uucp accounts, this means that you have to setup chat
> scripts to dial up, there are several different config files which need to
> match and work together etc etc.

I did the first time - There is documentation available which is ok.
Basic configuration for modem dialing is <20 lines of config
which is clear text and can easily be documented which is not the case
right now (Example config is quiet bad in the uucp package)

> > *Aehm* UUCP is not a MAIL protocol. It is a file copy protocol which is
> > extended with some kind of "Take this file x with protocol y and after
> > receiving to z" ...
> err, my point exactly.  pretty much all uucp is used for *now* is as an
> offline mail protocol, but it was designed to be used for much more then
> that.

That might be right - But this still doesnt make a Mail protocol from it :)

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