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Sample kernel configs for my laptop?

Compiling the kernel (2.0.36 on Debian 2.1) scares me a little with so
many options and so little knowledge! I would guess this is one thing
that holds back the full potential of my Lattitude CPi D300XT laptop
(sound, APM, docking station access). So many questions come to mind
as I work through the config options. (E.g. should I include CS4232
when my card is CS4237B, what do I need to do to access my CDROM that
is located in the docking station, and many more.)

I know the variety is limitless, but it would sure be nice if there
were a repository of "standard" config files for various "standard"

Does such a thing, or similar exist?  Where's a good place to get
kernel advice? What would be a good starting point for my config file
(rather than the one that comes with the kernel-source package?


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