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RE: Upgrading slink kernel -> 2.2.12 -no pcmcia -Reply

From: "CHRIS HOOVER" <CWH54@dirm.dmh.state.sc.us>
> and keep all of the dependencies clean and correct.  Anyway, does anyone
> know if there is a reason I should not go ahead and do this?

You mean "upgrade to potato"?  I'd go for it.

I'm relativelly conservative about this since I can't afford having a
broken machine for long bug I got reports that potato is stable enough
and my expereience over the last two weeks is that it is indeed

Just one general tip - keep the slink version of important packages
around on your disk in case the upgrade disconnects you, I usually
dpkg-repack(1) stuff like pcmcia, wanpipe (on my home machine) and
netbase.  YMMV.

The only time it crashed on me was when I played too much with the
previous (0.5) version of the Maestro driver.  (Try 0.6 - it sounds
MUCH MUCH better) I left it running xmms in random mode with 0.6 for
the weekend on my desk at work, will report if I find it crashed next



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