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Re: irda-utils development.

>> hmm, i think i will have the same problem as well when trying to
>> package tpctl -- i was under the impression that using mknod was ok.
>> is that incorrect?

$ lintian irda-utils_0.9.4-2_i386.deb | lintian-info 
W: irda-utils: mknod-in-maintainer-script postinst:13
N:   Maintainer scripts should not create device files directly. They
N:   should call makedev instead.
N:   Refer to Policy Manual, section 4.6 for details.
W: irda-utils: mknod-in-maintainer-script postinst:20

In any case, I'll try to tell makedev maintainer.
NOKUBI Takatsugu
E-mail: knok@daionet.gr.jp
	knok@debian.or.jp (Debian-JP)

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