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Re: irda-utils development.

knok> 1. IrDA related devices could not make by MAKEDEV script.

knok> As far as I know, IrDA related devices are not official major/minor
knok> device number. Probably, it is the reason that MAKEDEV can't handle
knok> them.
knok> Currently, my package uses mknod command to create them. But it is not
knok> satisfied the Debian Policy.

hmm, i think i will have the same problem as well when trying to
package tpctl -- i was under the impression that using mknod was ok.
is that incorrect?

the sysklogd and sysvinit packages both use mknod in postinst.
at least that is what it looked like when i did:

  grep mknod /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.p*

do you know of some other packages that have to create device files?

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