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RE: Debian-Laptop-FAQ

> For those of you unaware.  The pcmcia modules are now in the 2.3 kernel source.
>  The pcmcia-cs package will only ship a cardmgr and the /etc/pcmcia files.  The
> modules we will created by recompiling the kernel.

Um, forgive me, but what happens if you need PCMCIA in order to 

I'm refering to the not atypical case where someone's network device is 
a PCMCIA Ethernet and/or Modem card - and in order to really get on 
with installing (certianly in the diskless case) Debian, one needs to have 
one's network connection up.

So if you need to recompile to build the PCMCIA driver modules, where 
do you get the Kernel sources from (again, assuming a diskless install, 
as I just went through)

[Old old *ix guy, but new to Debian and *really* impressed]


Captain Andrew Cowie, rmc BEng
Infantry Officer, Canadian Forces
Director, Shad International

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