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Re: using nfs on install

On Sun, 19 Sep 1999, Jim Jensen wrote:
> After you install the driver disk (installing the nfs module of
> course), go to the "Configure PCMCIA" option, then do the network
> config, telling it you will use a pcmcia network device.  Then when
> you install the base system, tell it you will use nfs.  I just did it
> today.
> 	-Jim Jensen		jensen@computer.org

Ok, maybe I'm doing something really wrong/stupid.  On my laptop, I've
installed the nfs module  I've setup the network at and told it to
use pcmcia.  On my other box I've setup the /etc/exports file with /mnt/cdrom  When I tell the install to mount it
gives me "Error mounting NFS filesystem , please try

What am I doing wrong?  When I load up a second console on my laptop and run
ifconfig, it justs lists lo.  Why is the pcmcia network not being listed???


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