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Re: New to linux on laptops - A few Q's

On Thursday 16 September 1999, at 16 h 45, the keyboard of "CHRIS HOOVER" 
<CWH54@dirm.dmh.state.sc.us> wrote:

> stuff.  I told it to do so and also had it setup getty for the serial parts
> (my modem). 

It is quite uncommon for a laptop: you really want to call your laptop? Most 
of the time, laptops are just used as callers, not callees, and thus don't 
need getty.

> Also, I'd like to be able to sync my laptop with my home server. 

rsync and cvs are two solutions I use, depending on the exact problem. 

rsync is very fast for transferring a lot of data, specially if only a small part of it changed. You can resynchronize two huge hard disks very fast. Its main problem is that it is assymetric: one side of the link has the good data, the other is clobbered if necessary. 

cvs is more complicated to use but it accepts two modifications made independently on both machines... and can resynchronize them (most of the times automatically). So, it allows me to work on any machine without thinking first 'Did I synched them?'

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