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New to linux on laptops - A few Q's

I've been running linux for several years now, and was just given an older
laptop and I've decided to put linux on it.

The laptop is a NEC Versa (I think it is an ultralight, but not sure). 
Anyway, it has 20 megs of mem and a ~520meg drive.  I've set the hd up with
a 4 meg /boot and 64 meg swap.  The rest is mounted a /.

Anyway, when installing (from floppy) it asked about setting up the pcmcia
stuff.  I told it to do so and also had it setup getty for the serial parts
(my modem).  However, when I have the laptop up, it gives me an error of
getty respawning to fast - will retry in 5 minutes.  I'm assuming this is
the getty trying to run with the pcmcia stuff.  How can I remedy the

Also, I'd like to be able to sync my laptop with my home server.  How can I
do this?



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