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Re: New to linux on laptops - A few Q's

> Anyway, when installing (from floppy) it asked about setting up the pcmcia
> stuff.  I told it to do so and also had it setup getty for the serial parts
> (my modem).  However, when I have the laptop up, it gives me an error of
> getty respawning to fast - will retry in 5 minutes.  I'm assuming this is
> the getty trying to run with the pcmcia stuff.  How can I remedy the
> situation?

Like you I'd ben using Salckware for a few years and just this past
weekend tried out Debian on a Thinkpad 760ED.  My first install I wound
up with the same thing and when presented with the getty question again
on the second install (I needed a couple "dry" runs :) ) I answered
"No."  I'm happy to say that problem has not recurred.  I think the
offending line is in /etc/inittab and refers to a getty on ttySx, which
would be your modem.  Perhaps commenting that out and restarting the
system will cure the problem.  I would think that getty is only needed
if you're setting up a system where others dial into it for access.  It
certainly isn't needed for ppp!

- Nate >>


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