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Re: IBM Thinkpad or a Toshiba? Dell

I have a Dell Inspiron 3000.  Everything except sound works great.

My apm scheme is optimal.  I suspend and resume many times a day, and my
uptime is 5 days.  I left it suspended for the entire weekend without recharging
and had no problems. 

I highly recommend Dells for desktop replacements.  For lightweight,
the IBM and Sony offerings are really nice as well.

If any one knows how to get crystal audio working I would love to 
hear about it.

On Wed, Sep 08, 1999 at 09:53:37PM -0400, Jim Jensen wrote:
> I have been very happy with a Thinkpad 1472, especially the 3 button
> mouse.  The only drawback so far is the apm - suspend works, but not
> hibernate; and suspend is only good for about 8 hours before the
> battery runs out.
> 	-Jim Jensen			jensen@computer.org
> >>>>> "Adam" == Adam Shand <larry@alaska.net> writes:
>  >> A friend is thinking of buying a new laptop and putting Debian on
>  >> it.  Have you any recommendations on which one to get?  He is
>  >> currently vacillating between getting the IBM Thinkpad and getting
>  >> a Toshiba.
>  Adam> i am very happy with my thinkpad 390 (make sure you get the one
>  Adam> without the neomagic sound stuff, because sound doesn't work
>  Adam> properly with that chipset). also the sony vaio's are very nice
>  Adam> if you want a light weight solution.
>  Adam> i'm also getting increasingly tempted by the apple stuff that
>  Adam> is available though i haven't played with the ppc stuff much
>  Adam> yet.
>  Adam> adam.
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