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Re: pb with xircom eth+modem

> Christophe CALMEJANE wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a problem with my xircom card under debian linux :
> I've a compaq ARMADA 1700 with a debian 2.1 and a 2.2.9 kernel... and
> of course a Xircom pcmcia card (RealPort Ethernet 10/100+Modem 56K)
> and.... under linux my network is fine, but not the modem...
> under windows95, ethernet and modem share the same irq (3 on my
> computer), and linux seems trying to work the same way, but....
> pon command answer Input/Output error, and if I force another irq for
> the modem (setserial), the modem seems to work, seems to connect to
> my provider, but, nope, no working connection (because of the
> receiving irq I think) ;(
> Thanks for help, not because I don't like Windows...but I HATE windows
> :D

I've got the same card, a realport combo card.  It works fine for me
using the same IRQ, even at the same time (dialing up the French minitel
service while the ethernet is running).

You said that you thought the modem was dialling in properly.  Do you
mean you could hear all the beeps and noises as the connection was
made?  If so then your modem is working fine.  Does plog indicate that
the connection was established?

I suspect your problem is with the routing.  If your set-up is like
mine, your default gateway will go via ethernet, through eth0.  Have a
look at route -n.  What is written there?  I expect you'll have an entry
for ppp (which indicates the modem is working), one or two for eth0 (the
ethernet), and the default loop on localhost.  The problem is that the
default gateway will have been assigned to eth0, and via ppp you only
have the one direct link to the computer on the other side of the
phoneline, with no gateway. Read the Network and PPP How-To's.   What
you need to do is turn off eth0 before you run pon, this allows the
default gateway to be given to ppp.

I put it into a small script to save all the typing each time:
sudo ifconfig eth0 down
sudo pon <ppp script>

It took me a little while to get it, too.  Hope it helps.


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