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Re: pb with xircom eth+modem

I have the same problem, and it is NOT ppp/network configuration related.
When I try to open the serial port it returns input/output error.  If I
setserial the IRQ to 0 it will work, but very slowly, as serial ports are
not meant to be polled.  

I haven't looked at the problem that in depth, but the card used to work
fine untill shortly before kernel 2.2.0.  If anybody finds a solution
please let me know, because I have been using windows to use my modem
(which is very rare fortunatly, I have ethernet at home, school, and most
of my work places).

Thank you,

On Mon, 6 Sep 1999, Drew Parsons wrote:

> > Christophe CALMEJANE wrote:
> > 
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I have a problem with my xircom card under debian linux :
> > I've a compaq ARMADA 1700 with a debian 2.1 and a 2.2.9 kernel... and
> > of course a Xircom pcmcia card (RealPort Ethernet 10/100+Modem 56K)
> > and.... under linux my network is fine, but not the modem...
> > under windows95, ethernet and modem share the same irq (3 on my
> > computer), and linux seems trying to work the same way, but....
> > pon command answer Input/Output error, and if I force another irq for
> > the modem (setserial), the modem seems to work, seems to connect to
> > my provider, but, nope, no working connection (because of the
> > receiving irq I think) ;(
> > 
> > Thanks for help, not because I don't like Windows...but I HATE windows
> > :D
> I've got the same card, a realport combo card.  It works fine for me
> using the same IRQ, even at the same time (dialing up the French minitel
> service while the ethernet is running).
> You said that you thought the modem was dialling in properly.  Do you
> mean you could hear all the beeps and noises as the connection was
> made?  If so then your modem is working fine.  Does plog indicate that
> the connection was established?
> I suspect your problem is with the routing.  If your set-up is like
> mine, your default gateway will go via ethernet, through eth0.  Have a
> look at route -n.  What is written there?  I expect you'll have an entry
> for ppp (which indicates the modem is working), one or two for eth0 (the
> ethernet), and the default loop on localhost.  The problem is that the
> default gateway will have been assigned to eth0, and via ppp you only
> have the one direct link to the computer on the other side of the
> phoneline, with no gateway. Read the Network and PPP How-To's.   What
> you need to do is turn off eth0 before you run pon, this allows the
> default gateway to be given to ppp.
> I put it into a small script to save all the typing each time:
> sudo ifconfig eth0 down
> sudo pon <ppp script>
> It took me a little while to get it, too.  Hope it helps.
> Drew
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