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pb with xircom eth+modem

I have a problem with my xircom card under debian linux :
I've a compaq ARMADA 1700 with a debian 2.1 and a 2.2.9 kernel... and of course a Xircom pcmcia card (RealPort Ethernet 10/100+Modem 56K)
and.... under linux my network is fine, but not the modem...
under windows95, ethernet and modem share the same irq (3 on my computer), and linux seems trying to work the same way, but....
pon command answer Input/Output error, and if I force another irq for the modem (setserial), the modem seems to work, seems to connect to
my provider, but, nope, no working connection (because of the receiving irq I think) ;(
Ah, I compiled my kernel with serial shared irq enabled...
I also got the latest pcmcia-cd version (source version, not .deb) and compiled/installed.
Thanks for help, not because I don't like Windows...but I HATE windows :D
Ze KiLleR / SkyTech

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