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Re: Missing Time (There be Aliens?)

Hi Drew, 

/etc/init.d/xntpd stop for temporary shutdowns...

Uninstall the packge to stop it for good!  :)

Not enough info to answer the other question.

On Wed, 1 Sep 1999, Drew Parsons wrote:

> Nathan Duehr wrote:
> > If you want some help getting NTP to work, let me know.
> Thanks for your offer.  Actually, it's seems to be working now!   (this always
> happens to me.  I think there must be some daemon in my computer palying tricks on
> me) The reason I thought it wasn't was that I tried to compare my system time with
> that of the ntp server I'm using.  I ran xntpdc <server> and typed sysinfo to find a
> certain server time, which was about 15 min behind my own.  But later I noticed that
> two minutes later sysinfo still gave the same server time, so I figured I was looking
> at the wrong thing.  And then I noticed that my system time was no longer what I had
> set it manually to (relative to my stopwatch).  So it's all working after all!
> > NTP's overkill if you just want the clock fairly accurately set from the
> > network
> Yeah, I agree.  It's a pretty cool function though ;)
> One question, how does one turn xntpd *off*???  Once you type "xntpd", that's it.
> You're stuck with it.
> And any ideas while hwclock didn't work earlier, and my clock kept being reset to 1
> Jan 1990 00:00 ??
> Thanks for your helpfulness.
> Drew

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