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XF86Config for T4500C?

Can anybody help me configure X for this laptop?

I've gleaned the following from www.toshiba.com:

	Card/chipset:		WD90C31
	resolution:		640x480 (internal)
	Mouse:			PS/2

What I don't have is any information about horizontal or vertical
refresh rates (hsync, vsync).

I got 320x200 resolution working by specifying a C&T chipset,
hysync=30-80.32 and vsync=50-120.  Those hsync and vsync were
"inspired" by the only Toshiba I could find in Monitors.gz.  The
XF86Config based on these had only one dot-clock (~25.0), whereas the
one I got using WD90C24 found over a dozen (but X froze on the

I downloaded T4500.txt (the online manual), but it doesn't discuss
refresh rates at all.

Thanks for any help

Danny Heap

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