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Re: proposal - Debian laptop package/distribution


Is the #2 CD set up for "tecra" images or "safe" slow SYSLINUX images? 

I couldn't find the reference in the docs (it's late here and I'm
sleepy... probably would have bit me if it were alive...) as to which one
CD #2 is built for, but there are differences between those.

There's also tecra-safe images... which are a hybrid tecra and safe 
SYSLINUX image also... aiee..!

One of the things I've always wondered is what exactly is LOST when using
a tecra image (my laptop required it also...).  Is there any good reason
the "normal" Debian images shouldn't just be the tecra-safe images and get
it over with forever for everyone?  I'm sure the developers already argued
this one out long ago, but I've never seen any docs on it.

If anyone knows, enlighten me.  I'm interested and listening!  :)

On Wed, 1 Sep 1999, Drew
Parsons wrote:

> Sean 'Shaleh' Perry wrote:
> > I would like to package 'laptop' or somthing similar.  Install this package and
> > you get a group of depends/suggests/recommends.  I have mentioned this in the
> > past.  Never got anywhere.
> >
> > In the same vein, working on the boot floppies it should not be hard to add
> > 'laptop' to the list of initial setups.  I can begin work on this as well.
> >
> Don't forget to address the issue of the "tecra" kernals (z not bz images) for
> those of us with a Toshiba laptop (mine is a Satellite Pro 490CDT).  Incidentally,
> the documentation describing the need for the z-image for the types of laptops
> referred to some kernel patch which would allow the standard (bz-image) kernels to
> work, but gave no references.   If there is such a patch, then it should certainly
> be included in the package somehow.
> By the way, this might be a good moment to mention that the "tecra" images on the
> Debian 2.1 (slink) installation CDs are incompletely organised, in my
> experience.    At one point the installation creates a ram disk with a directory
> containing  resc1440.bin and drv1440.bin.  These feels have to be the tecra
> version for successful installations, but in my case they were not, even though I
> started from CD#2, which is supposed to be set up for tecra installations.  I had
> to manually suspend the installation procedure, copy the files from
> /cdrom/dists/slink/main/disks-i386/2.1.9-1999-03-03  on  CD#1 (*not* CD#2) and
> rename them by hand, and only then could installation proceed properly.    I
> thought CD#2 was supposed to be set up as a boot installation disk for tecra-type
> machines without requiring this sort of manual intervention.
> Drew Parsons
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