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Re: Update of Debian website

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On Thursday 01 December 2005 21:42, Tulay Demir wrote:
> Hi Tobias,
> I am new to translation group so I don't know yet what needs to be
> done exactly.

Hi Tulay,

thanks for your reply. It's no problem that you're new to doing 
translations, I'll try to assist you if you need some help.

> But I checked the web page 
> <http://www.de.debian.org/international/Turkish.tr.html>, it is read
> that the page was last updated on November 25, 2005 whereas the v1.4
> is on Jan 19,2005.

Well, the last update of the page is not necessarily the last time somebody 
actually changed the content of the page. Under some circumstances, the 
pages are rebuilt even though there were no real content changes. So in 
effect, the website you checked was last built on November 25 -- the last 
content change happened on January 19.

The CVS URL I posted shows the differences between the version which has 
been translated into English and the current version of the Turkish page.

I don't speak Turkish, but my impression is that the content of Turkish page 
has changed quite a lot. Probably it's not useful to have a diff for 
updating. I guess it might be easier to actually translate the current 
Turkish page from scratch into English.

> So what can I do to fix it?

Considering all of my comments above, it would be great if you could simply 
provide an English translation for the page found at




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