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Re: (forw) Bug#314487: aptitude: Translation of download size is incorrect

> Turkish translated string for "DL Size: %sB" is a bit long and doesn't
> fit to screen.  Please find the updated tr.po attached which fixes the
> issue and also includes other usual changes (up-to-date translation
> against r3411).

OK. However, Recai, aptitude development is now made in the 0.3 branch

So, Daniel now prefers we update the translations for that branch. I
sent a notice to Erçin EKER a few days ago about this needed update,
along with the new tr.po file (which has a lot of changes).

Attached to this mail is the file you sent in #314487, merged with
aptitude 0.3 POT file.

Could someone from the team manage to update it?

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