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Re: Free tools question (alternatives to Transifex for the Spanish team of debian-edu?)

(Please CC me or CC l10n-spanish, I'm not subscribed to debian-edu).

Sorry for jumping to this discussion with this long, not threaded message, but I've read the thread in the archive, I'm not subscribed.

For l10n-es friends: https://lists.debian.org/debian-edu/2015/05/msg00007.html and subsequent thread.

I imagine the requirements are:
* Web translation platform so it's easy
* No self hosted to avoid administrative work
* Modern, cool :)

There are not one but several free software alternatives to Transifex.

I would suggest to try:
* Zanata, as suggested
* Translatewiki.net
* weblate.org (hey! Created and maintained by Michal Cihar, a Debian Developer!)

About Pootle, there's pootle.locamotion.org and the GNU project maintains an instance: chapters.gnu.org but I'm not sure if it's open to 'anybody'. There is also Launchpad.net , but the software itself is abandoned, so I'm not sure for how long Canonical will maintain it open for new projects.

All of them are based on free software. Pootle and launchpad are well known, translatewiki weblate and zanata the new cool options :)

In weblate and translatewiki you need to ask the admins for the creation of the project, but they are happy to host free software projects at no cost. The others I think you self-create.

I don't know the administrative work that implies moving from transifex to a different platform, but I suppose that it's possible to start new translations of certain files/modules in the new platform and do an incremental transition.

I'm part ot the Debian Spanish translation team, currently involved in web and package description translation, both of them using Debian infrastructure.

But I'm *very interested* in helping projects move to translation platforms based in free software, so I can join the team if you need workforce or testing etc in the transition.

As a translator contributing to several free software projects, I've felt tricked, yes. But it has nothing to do with Debian or Debian-edu. I've frelt tricked by Transifex team who made their software non-free without explicit announcement (we infered it when they announced that they were going to register a patent or something like that, and then found an issue talking about they abandoning their (free) source code repository). I think that many translators keep using Transifex because they don't know it's not free software anymore.

The discussion can be moved to l10n-spanish (CC'ed), but maybe keeping it here helps other language teams to move to free software platforms? As you wish :)

Laura Arjona
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