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Re: Broken POT files for Openstack-related packages (was: Re: Request to review templates of OpenStack-related packages)

Quoting Christian PERRIER (bubulle@debian.org):
> > Templates files contain non-ASCII characters (the word "propriétaire"
> > in French in a comment). Therefore, xgettext complains when generating
> > the templates.pot file. It spits out an error message....but
> > debconf-updatepo doesn't really fail: the templates.pot file just
> > remains as it.
> > 
> > As a consequence, the templates file in the packages arethe reviewed
> > ones....but the POT file sent to translators is still the old one.
> Not *all* packages suffer from this, though.
> For instance, heat is OK.

Finally, and very luckily, only cinder and glance seem to have been
affected by the problem.

I notified all translators who sent bug reports based on the wrong POT
file. Thanks to the Spanish team for pointing the problem.


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